The production of wine is wide and varied and allows to provide experiences for all palates.
The tastings are calibrated on the customer and can range on the various territorial proposals.

The Loghi farm produces Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, Orcia DOC and IGT Toscana.

The company produces wines respecting the Tuscan tradition with ancient flavors using a modern technology that projects the wine in a contemporary dimension.

The vineyards are mainly composed of native vines including the most present and valued SANGIOVESE but there are also some international varietes that for decades are now the heritage of our productions.

“Good wine is each time a symphony of four movements, performed to the rhythm of the seasons. The sun, the soil, the climate and the vines modulate the work, while the winemaker, as a soloist, gives his cadence.”.

Philippe Margot

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